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Raho Safe Sanitary Pads - Extra Long 280mm (Pack of 20)

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Raho safe sanitary pads!

  • Raho Safe Sanitary Pads are designed with a 5 layer protection that helps to be the natural self during periods. It ensures that you stay free of rash and provide a leak proof experience. The pad provides optimum coverage of 240 mm, giving you full access to comfort for the whole day and a floral fragrance to avoid unpleasant odour. Raho Safe Sanitary Pad also comes with Biodegradable disposable bags and is the most economical choice for menstrual hygiene.

Key Features

Raho Safe Sanitary Pads are 100% leak proof.

The floral fragrance keeps you fresh and eliminates bad odour.

Ensures a rash free experience.

It provides 5 layer protection.

The wide surface ensures optimum coverage.

How to Use

Step 1

Remove the covering of the sanitary pad.

Step 2

Peel the pad from the sticky sheet.

Step 3

Stick it firmly on the inside of your inner garment.

Step 4

Wrap it and toss it in the bin.


How to use?

  • To expand the folded sanitary pad; from right to left and then the other part from left to right.
  • Release the sheet from the back of your sanitary pad and place it on your undergarment.
  • At the time of disposal, please find a newspaper or a brown bag to wrap it in.
  • What is it made of?

    Our sanitary pads are specially crafted for you and for our planet. It's make includes 100% organic cotton top sheet along with bamboo Pulp for extra leakage protection. This a biodegradable product and is individually wrapped in disposable bags.

    Will I get any rashes after using it?

    Rashes are usually caused due to the plastic components in sanitary pads. Our sanitary pads are dermatologically tested wherein the top sheet is made of 100% organic cotton which is grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers.

    Will there be any side effects ?

    Since our sanitary pads are made entirely of natural ingredients and is dermatologically tested, side effects would be rare. This also depends on how sensitive your skin may be. For more clarity, you can always contact a doctor for the same.

    Additional Information

  • Manufacturer -K A ENTERPRISES 35/1, Industrial Premises, Shukla Brother Warehouse Sanwar Road, Gram-Jhakia Indore - 453555
  • Country Of Origin - India
  • Best Before - 36 months